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Cassiopi | Lockets

Personalised secret message lockets featuring miniaturised photography prints and designs
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Orchids Locket Necklace - Orchids Necklace - Bridesmaid Locket - Bridal Locket - Wedding Jewelry - Silver Locket - Personalized Locket

Personalised silver Orchids locket


Personalised Moon Phase Locket Necklace

Personalised Moon Phase silver locket. Fill in your special date when you order and we will look up the phase of the moon on that date and send you that moon design on your special keepsake locket.


Locket Necklace, Personalized Locket, Message Necklace, Engagement Gift, Celebration gift, Silver Locket, Personalized Jewelry


Sky Locket, Personalised Locket, Secret Message Locket, Locket Necklace, Blue Sky, Silver Locket, Custom Necklace, Bridesmaid Jewelry

Roses Locket, Locket Necklace, Personalised Locket, White Roses, Flower Locket, Custom Locket, Custom Necklace, Flower Necklace


Personalised Necklace, Locket Necklace, Sunset Jewelry, Boho Necklace, Secret Message Locket, Custom Locket, Silver Locket, Nature Locket


Rose Necklace, Rose Locket, Flower Locket, Bridesmaid Necklace, Bridesmaid Locket, Custom Locket, Silver Locket, Pink Necklace, Pink Flowers

Paradise Locket - personalised locket featuring a miniature photography print of a sunset over the Caribbean ocean

Palm Locket, Palm Necklace, Paradise Jewelry, Surf Jewelry, Surf Locket, Custom Locket, Personalised Locket, Silver Locket

Tropical Palm Tree Locket - silver locket featuring a miniature photography print of palm tree leaves against a blue evening sky

Daisy Locket Necklace - Personalised Locket - Custom Locket - Daisy Necklace - Bridesmaid Jewellery - Bridesmaid Gift - Spring Wedding

Personalised silver Daisies locket necklace with an optional secret message contained inside