My lovely disney couple Ping and Shang :Q

how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?


"No-one realizes how strong someone with depression has to be just to do daily stuff like shower, brush hair, get out of bed, etc. It's really hard."

KAVU Rope Sling Bag


Johnny Depp FTW!


crossedmymind299: “ kinopia: ““Sunset Rhapsody” My Princess and the Frog piece for the Ron & John Tribute Art Show at Gallery Nucleus last night! So many gorgeous limited pieces for sale. There is only one available of this framed piece here! I hope...

Funny Minions Quotes Of The Week

The Funny Beaver

World War II via /r/funny funny pictures

17 Deeply-Disturbing Movies Guaranteed To Get Under Your Skin


Minions, rabbits, dogs, turtles. See my Despicable Me Minions pins

Funny Minions Memes

That awkward moment when you go for a handshake

Spaced Out Alien Tie Dye Lighter Case Cover Holder


Writers do it all the time… Talk to our imaginary friends. That's how stories are made.

The Trumpkin' | I WILL MAKE HALLOWEEN GREAT AGAIN | image tagged in lol,memes,lynch1979,donald trump | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

I did this before even becoming an adult because my dad was military and that's how we made the bed

Where or where can my little pup be? #dogfordogs

Don't lead me on if you don't like me this is why I didn't want to have a crush again because I pick the worst guys my first was a fuckboy the second turned out to be gay and now you're a lier I like when we talk and the way you make me feel but i hate when you make me feel confused by broken_lonely_souls

[Image] Perspective builds a nation