I recently implemented a PID routine for controlling temperature settings.  The goal was to maintain a fixed temperature rate for a specified ramp up period, hold the temperature for a specified so...

Joe's Electronics Adventures

Before I start telling you all how delicious this BLT Pasta Salad is, I want to say Thank You for your super sweet comments and get-well wishes about me not feeling good. I ended up in the ER Monday morning because of how much pain I was in. My husband was at work and the... Read More »

Life In The Lofthouse

Data Scientist Breaks State Monopoly on Lotteries:: ... Keep on reading: Data Scientist Breaks State Monopoly on Lotteries

La clé USB officielle ! #nutella #nutellamorningfestival I ❤️ it ! Nutella flash drive

Social Media Oversharing: Your Biggest Security Risk Could Be You - #infographic #infografía

Consumer drones are quickly becoming the most popular new tech-item to have. However, not all drones are made equally. Some drones (or quadcopters) are suited for beginners who need to get the hang of how to fly a drone, while other drones are suited for more advanced users. #infographics #drones

QAV-R FPV Racing Quadcopter (5") RTF w/ FrSky Rx

Drone Services Hawaii

JXD 515W Mini RC Quadcopter - RTF #offroad #hobbies #design #racing #quadcopters #tech #rc #drone #multirotors

Arduino and Fingerprint Scanner to Open a Lock

Head-worn computers (or headsets) are the future. Read More at Yanko Design

Vintage boombox ghettoblaster. DrmZ_Lasonic_TRC_931_02 | von Radio DrmZ.....................Please save this pin. .............................. Because for vintage collectibles - Click on the following link!..

13 Trends That Will Drive SEO in 2016 #Infographic

A number of Darling Little Spreadsheets' readers have informed me that they are interested in topics pertaining to the effective use of blogging organizational tools besides spreadsheets. I must admit that while I use spreadsheets for a bazillion different things, I rely on a few other organizational apps as well. My favorite of said apps is Workflowy*. *Note that this post contains affiliate links. Well, sort of. If you click on a link and sign up for a free account with Workflowy, you a...

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Which Coding Language Should You Learn? Got ASP.NET myself, pretty happy about it.


Julio's 3D Printed Marble Machine #2 is a delightful toy with a long, winding track and a corkscrew elevator. Watch a cool video of this thing in action, start a print, then start digging around for your old marble collection.

Samsung UE55KU6400 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV - Silver

The Robotic Process Automation Infographic explores RPA Key Facts, business processes in which RPA can be used, benefits of RPA in business transactions and how it can lower costs for the BPO industry. It also showcases some of the most common scenarios for software automation: the desktop robotic automation, the front office robotic automation and the back office robotic automation. #infographics

An easy 5 minute exercise to help you tackle blogger's block

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