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Интерьерная картина
Texture flower oil painting, abstract flower acrylic painting
• Availability: Made-to-order • Processing time: 1-2 weeks by 100% Handcrafted • Shipping time: Generally 5-7 days by DHL/FedEx • Cost to ship: Free Shipping All Of The World• Framing: Multiple Options • Packing: The work is packaged by Artismore and follows a standardized packaging process. • Material: Professional oil/acrylic paints, High-quality linen canvas. • Customization: Custom size is available, please send it to the contact for a quote, we would reply to you in a few minutes.
the logo for lislinkka, an artisan shop that sells handmade jewelry
two giraffes standing next to each other on a field with trees in the background
there are six different colors of glitter on the glass plate next to some dried flowers
the logo for lislinkka
six different colored glitters in plastic containers on leaves and wooden table with autumn colors
three different colored stones sitting on top of each other in small plastic containers next to dried plants
a person is holding up a black box with a gold logo on the front and side
Hey, here you can see some of my latest artwork with my handmade metallic watercolors! #sparkling #metallicwatercolor #watercolor #watercolorpainting #watercolorart #watercolorillustration #handmadewithlove #calligraphy #watercolorartist #Watercolourpainting
a piece of jewelry sitting on top of a wooden table next to a dried plant
an arrangement of leaves, nuts and acorns on a white surface
the logo for lislinkka, an artisan shop that sells handmade jewelry