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Famous Street Food Spots In Delhi: Part 1 - Street Foods are lifeline of city like Delhi. You can find a huge number of street food outlets, restaurants, khomchas, thelas and much more. When you walk down the aisles of Delhi, you cannot ignore the aroma of the local dishes especially in evening time. You can easily find the cultural mash up of dishes here in Delhi as there is no famine of varieties.


Sacher Torte is a famous classic Viennese #cake, probably the most famous #chocolate cake of all-time. It consists of chocolate sponge cake cut into three layers, between which apricot jam are thickly spread between the layers and on the top and sides of the cake. The whole cake is then iced with a velvet-like chocolate and served with a side dish of whipped cream. 5 December is National #Sachertorte Day. #sweetdish #foodie #delicious


This dish is also known as a shashlik or #shishkebab and it is very popular within #Caucasus. It is also said that probably kebabs originated in the Caucasus where mountain people speared meat pieces & then cooked them over on open fire. Caucasus where this #dish is mostly made with lamb. #food #enjoy

papdi chaat is a popular traditional north Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani #fastfood and #streetfood. #Papdichaat is traditionally prepared using crisp fried dough wafers known as papri, along with boiled chick peas, boiled potatoes, yogurt and tamarind #chutney and topped with chaat masala and sev. #yummy #delicious #foodie


Manali is a #hillstation glittering with amazing #restaurants, cafes and bars, that an take care of any need, desires or cravings that its #visitors may have. #Traditional #Thali is one of the most famous Local Food of Manali, you will find it with a rich variety and some of the most delicious menus.#tasty #traditionalthali #delicious #deliciousfood

The #Rajasthanithali is the most surprising and perfect #treat to all the guests in #Rajasthan to #experience and realize the deep and rich taste of Rajasthan. Every dish in itself is surprising and no part of the dish carry the same #dish. #delicious #indiancuisine #Foodie #food #enjoy

#Tabbouleh is a #Levantine #vegetarian dish traditionally made of tomatoes, finely chopped parsley, mint, bulgur and onion, and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. In Europe, this generally means a herb-flecked bulgar wheat #salad. #foodie #arabworld #cuisines #yummy

Oliebollen - #Oliebollen is a traditional Dutch pastry similar to a #doughnut and is Belgian food. Fried until golden and served warm dusted with icing sugar they are irresistable! Some modern variations serve them topped with berry filling. #sweets #festivesweet #oliebollenparty #appelflappen

#IndianFood for Foodies - When thinking about food in my native country #India, so many thoughts and memories cross my mind. A major chunk of our budget is invested on food which makes it the one of the largest sources for our GDP. The rich cultural diversity of India plays the vital role in the huge variety of food we can boast of. “Mumy bhook lagi hai” (Mom, I’m hungry) - Maggi’s advertisement which made a remarkable impact on the advertising world. #food #travel #fun #attraction

Best Seafood Restaurants in Mumbai - Mumbai blessed with the Arabian Sea on its sides is rich in multi-ethnic population. This is the reason behind its abundance choice of seafood available in the capital. People from all over the world flood here to taste its authenticity.