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an anime character holding a teddy bear and hugging it's back with the caption fujitsu no tou
two people are hugging in the water with pink flowers around them and one person has their head on his shoulder
Cre: 如月绘里香
an anime character with long hair and blue eyes
Animation, China, Anime Art, Couple Drawings, Chinese Art
Oriental, Horror, Chibi, Boys
two young men walking down a street next to each other
⎯ 🎀 ᵎᵎ wait for me after school ;; fanart
two people are sitting on a couch and one person is holding a coffee mug while the other holds a pillow
some anime characters sitting at a table together
The Rankers Guide to Live an Ordinary Life
two people sitting on the ground with food in front of them and autumn leaves around them
two anime characters sitting on a bench in front of the water and one is holding his hand to his mouth
the prince's personal physcian
The Prince’s Personal Physician (Season 2)
English publisher: Tapas
an anime character with long white hair and blue eyes is hugging his girlfriend in front of flowers