Alberto Giacometti ~ La mère de l'artiste, stampa, c.1951 (pencil on paper)

Alberto Giacometti, La mère de l'artiste, stampa -smb: this is a pencil drawing, but this could be done in wire!


Alberto Giacometti Portrait of David Sylvester 1960 oil on canvas 45 x 35 in. at MoMA This portrait monday has been brough.

Alberto Giacometti--I went to see a retrospective of his work when I was in college. His work is AMAZING!!!

alberto_giacometti_mutter_im_atelier Alberto Giacometti Art paintings, sculptures, plastic arts, visual arts, art

Alberto Giacometti (Swiss, 1901-1966), Pommes dans l'atelier [Apples in the studio], 1950. Oil on canvas, 70 x 42.5 cm.

Alberto Giacometti, Pommes dans l’atelier (Apples in the studio), 1950 oil on canvas, 27 ½ by 16 ¾ in.

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