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This is my simple religion. No need for temples. No need for complicated philosophy. Your own mind, your own heart is the temple. Your philosophy is simple kindness.

Buddhism was one of the three main philosophies/belief systems in China.

"Taoism is not a religion, nor a philosophy. It is a 'way' of life. Tai Chi, Wabi Sabi, Taoism Quotes, Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Core Beliefs, World Religions, Classroom Posters, Way Of Life

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The Jade Emperor (Illustration) - Ancient History Encyclopedia Chinese Painting, Chinese Art, Chinese Zodiac, Chinese Emperor, History Encyclopedia, Chinese Mythology, Chinese Cartoon, Taoism, Ancient China
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The Jade Emperor

A print of the Jade Emperor, (aka Yuhuang Shangdi, Yudi and Mr Heaven), the supreme deity in Chinese traditional religion. He is often depicted, as here, seated on a throne and wearing full imperial...

Chinese philosophy is the intellectual tradition of the Chinese culture from their early recorded history to the present day. The main topics of Chinese.


Lady Leek Stem went to hell for not distributing the money her son asked her to. Image Source: "Let's Talk about Chinese Hell (mythology)." - This Is CHINA! 03 May . Chinese Painting, Chinese Art, Filial Piety, Chinese Festival, Chinese Mythology, Buddha Art, Irezumi, Chinese Culture, Let Them Talk
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Five Chinese Elements Vedic Horoscope, Face Reading, Chinese Element, Metal Earth, Chinese Mythology, Fifth Element, Number 5, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Culture
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Five Elements

While we were in Halong Bay one of our guides told us about the significance of the five Chinese elements in the lives of the Vietnamese. Depending on the year you are born, you are characterized b…

Lady Silkworm's story was an interesting one. I was told how her father killed her horse and the horse's skin took her (Willis It seems strange but because of that we have silk.

Imperial Cheng Ti Chen, Legends of West Lake

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The Many Faces Of Taoism - Ancient & Modern Taoist Traditions Chinese Culture, Chinese Art, Chinese Painting, Kung Fu, Immortelle, The Han Dynasty, Chinese Mythology, I Ching, World Religions

The 8 Immortals: Li Xuan, Iron Crutch was taught the way of immortality by the Queen Mother of the West. He then taught it to Zhong-li Quan, messenger of Heaven. Lu Dongbin achieved it after finding the Dao due to a dream. Han Xiang fell from the heavenly tree that carried the peaches of eternal life and gained it before hitting the ground. Cao Guojiu was taught by Lu. Zhang Guo was gifted at necromancy. Lan Caihe achieved it due to her kindness. He Xiangu ground up a mother-of-pearl stone.

Pan Gu grew inside the primordial egg for eighteen thousand years until he broke the egg open.The light and clear parts of the egg made the heavens, and the heavy and opaque parts made the earth. Creation Myth, Chinese Mythology, Elements Of Nature, Mythological Creatures, Chinese Culture, Yin Yang, His Eyes, The Man, The Darkest
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Nüwa was a serpent deity from ancient Chinese mythology. Sometimes she is pictured as a gorgeous woman, other times she is shown possessing a woman’s head but the body of a powerful snake. Nüwa was… Fine Art Prints, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Snake Goddess, Dragons, Creation Myth, Chinese Mythology, Mother Goddess, Arte Horror

Top 10 Earth Goddesses - TIME

One of the most important deities of ancient Egypt, Isis held several roles. Not only was she a principal deity in the rites connected with the dead, but she was also a magical healer, and as a mother...

The Mid-Autumn Festival is on Sep. 15 this year. The Taiwanese love to do BBQ during this holiday. Having moon cakes and pomelos is also common in Taiwan. Chinese Painting, Chinese Art, Mid Autumn Festival, Life Form, Urban Legends, Chinese Culture, Deities, Folklore, Mythology
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Houyi, also called simply Yi, was the hero who shot the suns in the ancient mythology of China. Taoism, Buddhism, China Moon, Chinese Mythology, Cultural Studies, Mid Autumn Festival, In The Tree, Chinese Culture, Archery

One day, the nine suns who lived in the tree, Fu Sang, became tired of taking turns in the sky, so they all burst forth. The people were pleased at first, but became devastated when their crops began to die. Di Jun, the lord of heaven, ordered the suns to return to the tree, but they didn't listen. He asked Yi, an archer, to scare the suns; however, Yi became angry when he saw the conditions on earth, and so he shot and killed all the suns save for one. The suns fell to his feet as dead…