Kit Kat Cake - I made several different versions of this stunning cake.

This Kit Kat Cake recipe begins with chocolate cake. It's surrounded by Kit Kat Candy Bars, wrapped with a ribbon and topped with M&M's.

Swiss roll, this recipe is a dream to do.

Swiss Roll

Revani (Greek Cake using Semolina)

Revani (Greek Cake using Semolina)

Revani (Greek Cake using Semolina) Byevelyn/athens Recipe Box Grocery List Share TOTAL TIME MINS MINS This is a lovely greek cake using semolina. The texture is coarser.

Raw fruit flapjacks, taste better every day. Great for breakfast on the run!

Fruity fridge flapjacks

Fruity fridge flapjacks - can't wait to try this Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall River Cottage To The Core recipe!

Barabrith, easy to make, delicious spread with butter.

Bara Brith

Nigella Lawson's chocolate brownie bowl topped with coffee filling.

Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Brownie Bowls - Bet My Guys Would Love This!

Traditional Dundee Cake.

Traditional Dundee Cake

Jane Asher's Soaked Lemon Cake

There's nothing plain (or cheap) about the treats in cookery queen Jane Asher's Beautiful Baking.