Homemade sausage rolls - Jamie Oliver recipe

Summer sausage rolls

pizza recipe by Jamie Oliver

JAMIE OLIVER'S PIZZA CRUST DOUGH ~~~ uses strong white bread flour or tipo flour or strong white bread flour plus finely ground semolina flour [Jamie Oliver]

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka masala

Jamie's chicken tikka masala recipe is the perfect recipe for any curry lover; a rich and warm dish perfect for dinner parties with friends and family.

Jamie Oliver Spaghetti Recipe

Jamie Oliver's Classic Spaghetti Recipe - 4 Points

Jamie Oliver French Onion Soup Secret Recipe

How Professional Chefs Cut An Onion (It really is easier! And cutting the onion close to a lit gas stove burner does prevent tears ~ I haven't tried a candle. Just make sure your hair & clothing are a safe distance from the flame.

chicken tikka masala | Jamie Oliver recipe. winter, winter, winter!

Another pinner said, "Jamie Oliver shows us how to make chicken tikka masala - the british way (where you actually make the chicken separately from the sauce). I tried this awhile ago and loved it! It takes a long time to make which is the only downside.

Pizzas Jamie Oliver recipe from Jamie's Italian book

Pizzas Jamie Oliver recipe from Jamie's Italian book