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Claire Greenwood

Claire Greenwood
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I Have No Life (My Kids Play Soccer)

We get it, soccer moms and dads. The glassy stare, the unwashed hair, the arthritis in your fingers from too many death grips on the SUV steering wheel. You've got an advanced case of soccer-parentiti

only 1 hour left for 70% off summer sunglasses,plus free shipping. hit the beach in style with these flower power sunglasses ... :) every for $19.00 never happened

I remember practicing in the pouring rain. and not stopping until we did a drill perfect. oh the life, i miss it:)

Mini egg cake has got to be the perfect bake for Easter, get cracking with your little ones!

Discover the 5 types of icing to choose from when making a cake and when to use them. This will help you pick the right one for best results.