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Open Crown Chakra: Sleep Chakra Meditation Balancing & Healing Calm Sleeping Meditation Music - YouTube

Apophyllite spiritually energize your entire being. Use for meditation on third eye to obtain guidance from spirit, your guides and the angels & use for crystal gazing or scrying. Bring relief from stress, tension and anxiety.

Yoga sequence for your crown chakra
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Emotion Expression Chart | Colour Light Therapy (Chromotherapy) Resources and Equipment
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Know that you are a powerful spiritual being having a human eperience. You are safe and you chose to be here. Make it amazing!

9 chakras endocrine glands - Pineal below Pituitary
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Pigeon Pose
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Here, we have compiled a list of 10 best morning meditation mantras for you. Please do have a look.
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Affirmation to Heal the Root Chakra: “I am safe”
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The Strengths Within You: Chakra Tea Meditations

The Crown Chakra by Peace to the People
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