Beautiful drawings by Alfred Basha. They look a little similar to my illustrations actually - very similar concept too (mixing the two forms of nature - flora and fauna).

Lovely drawings by Alfred Basha. They appear a bit just like my illustrati. >>> See more by checking out the photo link

rama plen

Occult, Tarot & Astrology ~ Tantra, Oracles and Symbols ~ Gay Mystics, Masculine Divinity and the forbidden fruit .


Bad ass portraits of Spiderman and Iron Man by Dan Burgess, graphic designer from Manchester ! Des portraits de Spidey et d’Iron Man qui envoient par Dan Burgess, graphiste de Manchester !

design shout: Dasavatar by Shajin Paikath

Dasavatar seriesThe scriptures speak of the 10 Avatars of Vishnu – different incarnations that take the form of divine intervention provided by Vishnu during the various stages of human evolution. The “dasavatara” (ten avatars) is meant to re-establish …

steel canvas Characters spartan warrior greek 300

Premium quality metal prints from Warriors of the Ages designed by Eden Design.

gwen_and_spidey_by_pebbled-d5c2neh.jpg (1338×1944)

Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy (c) Spiderman Gwen and Spidey