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21 Trend Styles of Bridal Henna

DIY Mehndi Design (Henna Pattern) Tutorial -- so this is temporary but I freakin love this design and I think henna is going to be my thing this summer!

Latest Indian Mehndi Designs... Ahhhh looks just like the one I did!

21 Mind Blowing Indian Mehndi Designs To Inspire You

Not like the traditional Henna Designs, but I like it

Twist leaf mehndi design, good option for brides who don't want full bridal mehndi for their Indian wedding

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great use of negative space.again, I've previously pinned, but its such a masterful use of negative space,I really want it on my ★basics board

$mehendi #Henna #hand #art #unique #design

Love how it's intricate yet simple at the same time, engagement mehndi?

@henna_paradise. Another simple design from yesterday #henna#mehendi #hennatattoo #whitehenna

made bye me hussaina☺ on my hand