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It is a great pleasure to walk the Vetaal hills of Pune, India


Aksharadhool: Cambodia's famed Angkor temples on street view now! There is however some good news for Khmer Art lovers like me situated around the globe. The spectacular temples of Cambodia's historic Angkor civilisation have been now incorporated into Google's Street View. This means that just sitting at home in front of your computers, you can visit famous sun rise at Angkor Wat.

Aksharadhool: Alma Mater Indian Institute of Science, has surprised everyone including the surveyors, by making a quantum leap this year by moving nearly hundred places from its position last year. It moved from the 134th position in 2011 to the 35th position in 2012 in the Global emloyability index.

Aksharadhool: Beach Sayings The great Isaac Newton had said once that “ To myself, I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me. ” How true! A quiet day on a beach, where there is nothing to do, is according to me the best vacation for anyone.

Aksharadhool: A Phoenix rises again Ancient 11th century temple of Baphuon in Cambodia has been rebuilt stone by stone as is now open for visitors