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Travel Sketchbook by Pat Perry

Travel Sketchbook by Pat Perry The artist based in Michigan, Pat Perry, has spent his 2014 traveling across the united states. From New England to Arkansas through Texas, Pat religiously record his thoughts and observations in a sketchbook

Art student acquires huge social media following, launching career while at high school

This sequence of work (primarily Kate's A Level Art sketchbook pages) shows experimentation with media and the exploration of compositional ideas. Artist influences are chosen cleverly: seamlessly integrating with her own aesthetic.

lip paintings by kim sung jin as you can see is a photorealist painter, with a very sensual style. I’ve always enjoyed artists that painted in a photorealistic style, but often the content was not as impressive as the skill level the artist had. This new crop of artists, such as those shown at Thinkspace Galleries “New Realism“, are creating work that is not only technically impressive, but draws you in further with the content. Kim Sung Jin’s art falls perfectly into that description.

Wolf shoulder/arm extension. "Taking wearable art to a whole new level, Berlin-based Mashallah Design & Linda Kostowski created this 3-D sweatshirt by scanning human bodies and using the data to create sewing patterns. The human form is turned into 3D patterns of polygons, which are then turned into 2D files and used to laser cut fabric."