Dermot Farrell

Dermot Farrell

Dermot Farrell
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Lead an Ethical and Successful Life!

Well most of us want to be successful and there is a general misconception that to be successful you have to be ruthless and walk over other people, but this.

The Importance of having a vision

A lot of importance is laid down on the necessity of having a vision and creating an action plan so as to make this vision a reality.

How to Keep A Journal - Part Two

Keeping a journal is a simple and practical step which you can take in order to make better use of your time and efforts. Maintaining a journal raises our aw.

Kevion Levrone 2016 Mr Olympia Comeback - An Inspiration

Kevin Levrone 2016 Mr Olympia Comeback - An Inspiration


I will Run, Train, and Eat Clean, no matter how lazy I feel at that moment, because it's how I want to feel in the moments to come that matters most.