A man who beat his sister's Yorkshire Terrier to death with a television remote has been charged with animal cruelty. Ensure that this man receives a harsh punishment for murdering a defenseless pet.

Hungry Kid

Kim Jong Un: Drink water, eat rice and be miserable. "I decided not to tell the North Korean people of my illness. They couldn’t possibly understand what I’m going through." Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of North Korea, has the flu.

She Can't Get Over It (edited)

I've been trying for years to make a super-moist delicious gluten-free banana bread. Well, I finally did it! Check out my Gluten-Free Banana Nut Bread with Dairy-Free Options.

Decided Not to Go Home For Lunch

Dubai with its glitz, chutzpa and charisma has won many hearts. People come here for fashion, shopping, amusement and food. With diffe.

Funny Training

Find Out Which Mac or Windows Keys Correspond to Shortcut Symbols - Various Mac apps make use of keyboard shortcuts, but which keys correspond to the shortcut symbols? Whether you have a Mac or Windows keyboard, we'll show you the proper keys to use.