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Your kids are always tinkering, love science and thrive on building new things...but they are bored way too often.
Learn how to make a breathing machine from the author of Maker Lab, Jack Challoner. This easy experiment uses household items to construct model lungs and show how some vital parts of the body work.
Bridges ~ Activity for ages 5 to 8. Science Technology Engineering and Math {STEM} activities are a fun way to teach kids how things work.
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STEM Challenge: Build a solar oven, test it, and then try it out! Check this blog post for more!
Light Circuits: Depending on the grade level of the students, you can have them build a very simple circuit or a very complex circuit with both series and parallel circuits combined. For my students I have them use file folders in order to design and build a series on one side, then a parallel on the other with certain parameters for the switches. The students have an amazing time and there is always 100% participation and together we saved those lights from a trip to the landfill!
Science Experiments for Kids - How to make an index card chain that you can fit through. Kids are amazed that this works!