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Working with your hands everyday can be very fulfilling! Check out information about vocational careers like welding and HVAC/R.
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the cover of an article about 5 unique industries you can enter as a welder
5 Unique Industries You Can Enter as a Welder
From manufacturing to motorsports, agriculture to aeronautics, there are unique industries where you could find work as a welder. Check out five opportunities you may not have considered
the most important skills you'll learn in hvacc training
What Are the Most Important Skills You’ll Learn in HVAC Training?
You learn many important skills in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning training that can help you build a career. From the basic science of electrical and HVAC systems to detailed instruction on how to cut and weld pipes, install circuitry, and wire thermostats, you gain knowledge and hands-on experience. Find training that will teach you the important HVAC skills you need.
an older man is talking to another young man about what to look for in an hvac school
What to Look for in an HVAC School
Are you thinking of joining the HVAC trade? Hands-on training from the right people with the right equipment can get you started, but how do you choose the right HVAC school? They may all seem alike from the outside, but when you take a closer look, you find their curriculum, instruction style, delivery mode, and required length of commitment may all be different. Here are a few important components you should look for in an HVAC school.
two men in hardhats are looking at something with the words, what is an applied technology degree?
What is an Applied Technology Degree?
If you already have experience as a plumber, electrician, HVAC technician, or welder, an applied technology degree can complement your skills with knowledge about the business side of what you do. The program teaches you how to develop and implement projects, take a customer-first approach to management, and communicate professionally. Once you graduate with the degree, you’ll be ready to transition from a technical role to a professional position in the trades.
a man standing next to two air conditioners with the words where can you work as an hvac tech?
Where Can You Work as an HVAC Technician?
Whether on brand-new construction or antique homes with aging heating systems, HVAC Techs can find work installing, maintaining, and repairing heating and air conditioning systems. They work on commercial and residential sites, in homes, hospitals, schools, and buildings of all kinds. If you want a career that allows you to work with your hands and your brain and gives you options about where you could work, check out a career as an HVAC Technician. Here are some places you might find work.
the cover for changing career paths with a photo of a man in glasses and cap
Learning HVAC and So Much More
Would you make a drastic change in your career if it might lead to a better financial future? That is exactly the decision D’Vaughn Gaines decided to make. Although he liked his job working in the schools, D’Vaughn wanted to find a career path that could help him provide more for his family. He just didn’t know what new path he might take. Then, his heat went out. Discover how he began a career in HVAC.
a man welding with text that reads are the trades a strong career path today?
Are the Trades a Strong Career Path Today?
With almost 3 million job openings in the field, the Trades can provide a strong and long career path. Whether you work on new construction or in maintenance, your skills can make a difference for the national economy—and your own. And unlike tech jobs and remote work, what you do can’t be outsourced. Find out why the Trades might be a good choice for your future.
a man welding with the words how long does it take to learn welding?
How Long Does It Take to Learn Welding?
Do you want to learn the basics of welding, or do you want to master the craft? In less than a year, you can acquire primary welding skills and prepare for an entry-level career. But welding can be a lifelong career or passion where you learn something new every day. Discover what you can learn in a welding certificate program!
what should a welding school lab have to do with the heat? by charter college
What Should a Welding School Lab Have?
You don’t learn welding sitting in a classroom going through books. Instead, you need hands-on experience in a lab that’s equipped with actual tools of the trade. A welding school lab should provide you with a protected space to safely practice welding techniques, the equipment and machinery you need, and the proper personal protective gear. Thinking about learning how to weld? This is what you need to look for in a welding school lab.
an info sheet describing the different types of aircrafts and their functions in flight, with information
Infographic: Day in the Life of HVAC Technician
As an HVAC/R Technician your days will be busy and your work rewarding. But would you prefer an HVAC career focused on residential or commercial work? Explore our infographic to find out!
an info sheet describing the different types of aircrafts and their functions in flight, with information
Infographic: Day in the Life of HVAC Technician
As an HVAC/R Technician your days will be busy and your work rewarding. But would you prefer an HVAC career focused on residential or commercial work? Explore our infographic to find out!
a man in camouflage jacket and hat working on a vehicle with text overlay that reads, why does alaska need welders?
Why Does Alaska Need Welders?
If you want to work in welding, Alaska is a great place to build your career. The Last Frontier is home to a huge aviation system, a vast array of shipyards, and many power plants—all of which require maintenance and repair. And welders are the workers who can perform that service by fusing pipelines, replacing old parts, and forging metals together to create new components.
a welder working on a piece of metal with the words 7 reasons to be a welder
7 Reasons to Become a Welder
Do you want to become part of the welding world? Welding skills allow you to play a key role in creating the comforts of modern-day living. As a welder, you have skills that are in demand that can transfer across industries. And you don’t need a college degree to work in the field. There are lots of reasons to become a welder.
a man and woman shaking hands in front of a sign that says five hvac customer service skills
This Is How to Provide Great HVAC Service
Technical knowledge and hands-on skills can make you a good HVAC Technician, but if you want to be great, you also need to refine your customer service skills.
a man working on an electrical device with the words should you learn a trade?
4 Reasons You Should Learn a Trade
Do you want to work with your hands, produce tangible results, and get paid for your efforts? A career in the Trades could be the right fit for you. With the demand for skilled Trades workers high, learning a Trade could be the start of a long-term career that fits your passion and your life.