From College to Career

Making the transition from the classroom to the workplace isn’t always easy, so here’s a little advice to help you adjust to life after college and your new…
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a woman talking to a man in scrubs with the words why are externships important for your career development?
Why Are Externships Important for Your Career Development?
Have you ever noticed that it’s hard to get a job without experience, but you can’t get that experience because you haven’t had a job in your chosen career? An externship lets you test the waters of a new career, get some experience, and start building your network. It places you into the real-world environment of a local work site and helps you to begin your career development. Here’s how.
a group of people standing around a dummy on the floor with text that reads, what to know about choosing a career after high school
Choosing a Career After High School
Straight out of high school, you can head to a four-year college, create a mountain of student debt, and the eventual search for a job. That’s one path. But it’s not the only one. In fact, fewer students are enrolling in college now. How do you get a career without a four-year degree? Choose a career that doesn’t require a four-year degree and get the training you need to make it happen.
a woman standing in front of a chalkboard with the words,'importance of a good work ethnic at school and in your career '
What It Means to Have a Good Work Ethic
The work ethic you develop in school can also transfer to the workplace once you start your career. Employers want employees who will do what it takes to get the job done, even if it means putting in extra time and effort. Your dedication could lead to a promotion or a better job one day. What Are the Characteristics of a Good Work Ethic?
a man sitting at a desk with headphones on, using a laptop computer and text reading 4 important reasons you need to know the microsoft office suite
4 Important Reasons You Need to Know the Microsoft Office Suite
Microsoft Office Suite, also known as Microsoft 365, is one of the most widely used computer software packages. No matter what Industry you work in, chances are you’ll use at least one of the Microsoft Office Suite apps on a regular basis. If you want a transferable skill that also makes you marketable to employers, take the time to learn the full suite. Here are the reasons you need to know Microsoft 365.
a woman sitting at a desk talking to another woman with the words most important career advice no one tells you
Best Career Advice Nobody Tells You
There’s more to a career than cover letters and salaries. Once you begin your career, you may discover there are things that no one told you about, but you wish that they had. Here are some important pieces of career advice that no one’s told you about... until now.
a man wearing a hard hat and glasses holding a tablet with the words tech skills you need to succeed in your career
Computer and Technology Skills You Need to Succeed in Your Career
Today every industry uses technology in one way or another. Medical records have become electronic health records, HVAC systems include sophisticated technologies that allow you to control them from afar, and more businesses than ever now sell their goods and services online. As technology becomes more prevalent with each passing year, it’s important for you to acquire some basic tech skills to succeed in any career you choose.
two people shaking hands over papers with the words how to compare benefits packages in front of them
How to Compare Benefits Packages
Part of your post-graduation job search is evaluating that job offer you’ve worked so hard for and one important aspect to consider is the benefits package. It could make a big impact in your overall compensation.
a pink poster with the words 25 things you can improve your career
33 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Career - Pop Your Career
You went back to school and got the education you needed, and you landed your first job – now what do you do to improve your career? Here are a few things you can try.
a man and woman sitting at a table with a laptop in front of them that says, first week on the job? nail it there's how
11 Tips for Starting a New Job Successfully
You made a strong enough impression to land the job, don’t stop building on that moment – make an even better impression the first week on the job!
two men are posing for the camera with their arms around each other in front of a crowd
How to Build Confidence From Scratch - LifeHack
Do you have confidence in yourself? If you don’t, then others might not either. Here’s how you can start building your self confidence today.
the 7 worst career mistakes poster
The 7 Career Mistakes Even Savvy Women Make
Be smart about your career and avoid making these mistakes.
a man in a suit is looking up at the sky
4 Tips for Choosing Between Job Offers
It’s a great problem to have – which job offer to accept. But how do you pick? Here are a few things to consider before you make your decision.
the words how to expertly handle the job offer on top of a wooden table
How to Expertly Handle the Job Offer
You’ve put in a lot of hard work and it payed off – you got the job offer. Now learn how to handle the offer and make sure it’s right for you.
a circular diagram with different types of people in the center and names on each side
This Is The Ultimate Routine For A Perfect Work Day
Do you have a daily routine that helps you to have a productive and awesome day? If not, here’s a sample schedule to help you have the perfect work day.
a woman sitting at a table talking to another person with the words prepare for behavior job interview
What you Need to know about Behavioral Job Interview Questions
How will you know if you’re in a behavioral job interview? If you hear questions that start with phrases like “describe a time when” or “tell me a situation that,” you’re in one! Get prepared.