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Wedding Photo Idea: A gorgeous take on a shot of the bride and groom sharing a kiss. This angle shows off the bride's bouquet as well as giving a different perspective.

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Just when Naughty Irish Girl was at its strongest point ever, tragedy struck when my personal email.

Alexandra Daddario - An American actress and a sensational fashion model born March 16, 1986

50 most famous blue-eyed and blonde hair female celebrities

Olive lace sleeveless top, white floral A-line skirt, fair skin, dark chocolate ponytail ~ Alexandra Daddario

Being a Southerner, I've never understood my attraction to Bollywood. (Indian cinema.) I don't even speak the language (I have to read subtitles) but I love it!

Jav I Aishwarya Rai, one of the most beautiful women alive!) Being a Southerner, I've never understood my attraction to Bollywood.) I don't even speak the language and I have to read subtitles, but I love it!

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