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Tabbouleh - Salads - Appetizers Chef Maha

Tiny triangles of American bread topped with chicken breast pieces with shredded carrots dipped in a rich sauce and covered with a layer of cheddar cheese.

Chicken-cheese minis - Sandwiches Chef Maha

Mexican Chicken pieces in a tasty homemade sauce wrapped up in your choice of toasted tortilla bread (white or brown) and cut into mini-sized portions. Treat your guests with something special this time! (price per dozen)

Mexican Chicken Delight Chef Maha

Chef Maha is a dream that has come to life.. It aims to improve the nutritional habits in our daily lives. Combines food and technology in one recipe. It is a tasty website with unique ingredients where you can order delicious cuisine electronically. And enjoy the tastiest dishes prepared with highest quality and hygiene homemade standards.

Irresistable Healthy Homemade Fresh Cuisine to order inside Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Chef Maha