Rangoli colouring pattern 1

Copy the colours used in the completed segment of this rangoli colouring pattern across the unfinished design. Rangoli fun for Diwali!

Diwali Rangoli

Here are some of the best Rangoli designs for diwali. These rangoli designs are simple and easy to draw. So decorate your house with beautiful rangoli designs.

Kolam Lotus

Beautiful Simple Blooming Lotus makes your day Cheerful . Kolam Format : 17 dots - 7 rows,Stop at Straight Dots. One more pretty Kolam Lot

Find some beautiful and mesmerizing rangoli designs and patterns here. We have collected some of the best diwali rangoli designs that you can try on rangoli making competition or use to decorate your home and office for the celebration

Hi moms, Today am sharing flower kolam designs for margali month and for other festivals also. See more: Kolam designs for margali …

A Kolam Pattern where dots are connected with straight and curved lines

Kolam - South Indian Floor Drawings - 2

South Indian floor drawing patterns are drawn either with an array of dots or without it. This page shows some examples of these patterns drawn using dots. Shown above are two small kolam patterns. First pattern based on dots arranged in a.