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A selection of whats available for your business to purchase. Whether it's Beer Line Cleaner, Glass Wash Detergent Sanitising Spray, Dishwasher Detergent, Original Renovate or Lipstick Remover. Give us a ring and we can help you decide the perfect product for you.
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Renovate instant drain cleaner is a fast acting and professional grade product, containing sulphuric acid. Dissolves grease, rags, soap, paper towels and organic matter in minutes to clear blockages and save you money on expensive plumbing bills! Alternatively, use it as part of your routine drain maintenance once or twice a fortnight to help prevent any blockages. Typical applications include; blocked drains, sinks, urinals, glasswasher waste and dishwasher waste!

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Renovate Tannin Remover is a strong and efficient powder designed to remove and control tea and coffee stains from cups, saucers, tea and coffee pots and static beverage making equipment. This will also remove detergent deposits from cutlery and crockery.

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Handy trigger spray with 600ml bottle. Perfect for spray/wipe operations with floor & wall powder, baseline floor and hard surface cleaner and super over gel.

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Cleaning in Progress tags are handy reminders with health & safety in mind. The cleaning in progress (CIP) tag is designed to be hung from the font whilst line cleaning and the cooler tag insures you don't forget to switch the cooler back on afterwards.

Super Oven Gel is a commercial strength oven cleaner, degreaser and decarboniser for commercial cooking equiptment. Can be used as a gel for heavily soiled surfaces or diluted and applied via a trigger spray for regular maintenance.

RG Pine Disintectant is a general purpose disinfectant with a fresh smelling pine fragrance. Suitable for disinfecting and deodorising floors, hard surfaces, toilets and waste bins.

RG Bleach is a commercial strength sodium hypochlorite solution with approximately 5% avalible chlorine. Suitable for disinfecting and de-staining toilets and urinals, sterilising kitchen and bathroom areas, mould removal and bleaching of fabrics.

Prodet 30 is a a high performing and highly concentrated bactericidal detergent for general purpose cleaning, pan and pot washing. Use with a stork dispenser for extra economy and greater efficiency. 30% active.

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Prodet 20 is a cost effective bactericidal washing up liquid and general purpose cleaner. 20% active detergent containing a de-fatting agent, foam booster and foam stabliser for prolonged and effective cleaning and self-rinsing properties with a neutral odour.

Baseline Lemon is a powerful, low-foaming sanitiser with a hint of fresh lemon fragrance. The readily biodegradable and environmentally benign ingredients from sustainable and naturally occurring raw materials provide optimum cleaning properties with minimal environmental impact.