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Bear hunt tough spot idea! The children loved playing and rebelling the story, also a lovely sensory activity. I used grass, a bowl of water, some mud, twigs, hamster bedding and glitter (!!) and made a cave using a loo roll and newspaper. The writing was just chalk straight onto the tray :)

'What the Ladybird Heard' scene in a builders tray. Great to encourage the children to recreate the story during free-play!

Little Red Riding Hood Small World, Fairy Tale Sensory Play, Imaginative Play, Fine Motor Activities, Exploring Textures, Learning and Exploring Through Play.

A large tray of PVA glue for mark-making - also great for supporting gross motor movement & pattern making as well as more fine-motor dexterity (",)

Make a spider web inside a hula hoop hang from the ceiling. The children 'catch' bugs by wrapping small plastic minibeasts into the web... from Beth Phillips (",)