1970's Bird's Eye Deserts - they had to defrost before you could eat them, they were a weekend treat

Bird's Eye Deserts, a regular thing at our house. I remember Mum trying to defrost them on top of the cooker

Slides and slide projectors.my parents used to have slide nights. now we need to get them digitally saved, but the "carousel" slide projectors were the thing.

Had one of these when I was growing up it made the room stink and you had to have a window open because of the fumes.

Gas heater - very efficient but they made the room stink and it produced loads of condensation on the windows

How we kept the bread fresh

How we kept the bread fresh. My uncle was a surgeon and removing these from people's stomachs was one of his most common operations. We used to collect these and put them around the brake cables on our bikes.


Somerfield replaced our Fine Fare. Only to be replaced by Sainsbury.