My mom sold Avon, and I LOVED going through her samples box before I was old enough to wear makeup. I can still remember the smell of Mom's Avon case.

Vintage Salesman Sample Kit Avon Lipstick

Avon sample lipsticks, vintage - Mom sold Avon when I was a little kid. I remember wanting to play with these all the time.

AVON Hello Sunshine Nail Tint

Fisher Price people and dog- the dog is so cute. LOVED my Peoples, I still have a few including the dog with a chewed off ear.....

Fisher Price people and dog. the dog is so cute =) this really brings back memories of my children when they were little.( it makes me sad.

Toys from the 80s

i had so many glo bugs! and of course, the glo worm himself. so did my best friend, and when we had sleepovers they all had to be held up to the light so they'd glow after "lights out"!

Keepers 80s toys I had the purple snail, Shelby?

Keepers toys I had the purple snail . I had this one, the snail and the bunny!

I'd forgotten about this glue. I always had to stick the scissors in the slit at the top of the rubber lid to break open the dried up glue.

Vintage school glue bottle ~ the slit would open when you pressed down on the top.

Penelope Strawberry and Roger Radish. I loved these books, gonna have to get on Ebay and find them

Penelope Strawberry and Roger Radish. The Garden Gang were aimed at infant school children

Casdon Vintage Toy Till ...

Casdon Vintage Toy Till Cash Register I loved this and you even had a place to put the till roll.

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