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Fansi Dhokli ( Gujarati

Dhoklis are nothing but dumplings made of various flours, which add body to subzis and enhance their taste. While dhoklis are traditionally made with besan, you can also exercise your discretion and choose other flours. Fansi dhokli is one such recipe that makes smart use of dhoklis, combining them with the goodness of french beans. When making dhokli, remember to one or two dhoklis to see if they turn out soft. Then add the remaining ones.

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Lasaniya Batata (spicy baby potatoes with garlic)

Lasaniya Batata (spicy baby potatoes with garlic) - Gujarati Food - Perfect Snack to Serve with Potato Chips - Step by Step Photo Recipe

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Sev tameta nu shaak

gujarati sev tameta nu shaak recipe - spicy, tangy and sweet tomato curry topped with sev (crisp fried gram flour vermicelli). easy and quick no onion no garlic recipe.

Poha Handwa

Try this for taste! poha is rich in iron, which is required for the formation of new red blood cells that help maintain normal blood circulation and blood pressure.

Capsicum Masala Curry

In this Capsicum Masala Curry Recipe, the roasted sesame and roasted peanuts provide a delightful and palatable experience to taste buds. Follow this easy Indian curry recipe and indulge in to delicately spicy yet delicious capsicum sabzi.

Bajra Aloo Roti ( Iron Rich

Keeping anemia at bay, the bajra-potato way! iron rich roti maintains your body temperature and protects you from cold weather too.

Green Peas Curry ( Cooking Under 10 Minutes)

Green Peas Curry is a delightful accompaniment that can be made in a jiffy using frozen peas, readily available spice powders, purees and pastes. The use of plain flour gives a thick consistency to the curry without having to simmer the gravy for too long. While the flavours of tomato and onion are definitely noticeable, it is the soothing flavour of cumin that dominates this curry.

Green Peas in Peanut Curry

You would have tried cooking the ever-popular green peas in various forms, ranging from tomato to coconut based ones. Here is a strikingly flavourful preparation of green peas cooked with a paste of peanuts and onions. While cumin seeds and coriander leaves impart a tempting aroma to this dish, a dash of lemon juice adds an irresistible tang that complements the nutty flavour very well indeed. Serve the Green Peas in Peanut Curry piping hot with rotis or puris.