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Dinosaur Painting Tuff Spot Adventures of Adam Tuff Spot Challenge
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Dinosaur Painting Tuff Spot

Our challenge was to paint with toys. Adam's new love is Dinosaurs so we created a Dinosaur Painting Tuff Spot.

Stick Man -stick man forest

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Winter Wonderland small world play. Great for messy and sensory play and lots of imaginative play

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Winter wonderland small world play. Easy to set up using only 1 ingredient and encourages lots of imaginative and sensory play.

Baby bath tuff spot
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Baby bath tuff spot

Dirt + rocks + wood + trucks = mini construction zone | Such a great idea for kids, especially if they love trucks!

Construction Tray

J got so excited the other morning when we saw 2 diggers on the way to school! He chatted excitedly about them all the way to school, so I ...

Picture under porridge oats. Great for motor dexterity and talk

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Dinosaur Tuff Spot and small world using autumn leaves Adventures of Adam Dinosaur Tuff Spot

Dinosaur Tuff Spot

Adam's love of all things dinosaur continues but we are missing a Dinosaur Tuff Spot (that doesn't include painting). So we created a Dinosaur Tuff Spot

Christmas tree play from Ghost Writer Mummy (",)

Messy Christmas tree play

I’ve had so many ideas for Christmas themed messy/ sensory play just lately, and so little time to do them in! Last week though, I made sure I was prepared and the preschooler and I finally g…

paintballing in the tuff spot!

Paint-balling in the Tuff Spot

This weekend, our Tuff Spot arrived! HUGE hoorays! We have already done so much with it (see our snow play post) but before we did that, we wanted to try Edspire’s fantastic paint-balling ac…

Autumn tuff spot

Autumn tuff spot

Autumn Sensory Bin for Children: Building a Small World with Carved Pumpkins…

Little House in the Pumpkin - Autumn Craft & Sensory Bin

Carve a pumpkin to make a doll house for your kids and all of their toys to play with. A cute and simple autumn craft that can double as a sensory bin.

Minibeasts in the sand tray with leaves, sticks, stones & water (",)


Every year I like to set up a "Swamp" in the sensory table. The swamp from last year is here . It featured a tray with the leaves, stick...

We used chalk to draw a road layout on the tuff tray. @SuesChildminding #tufftray #childminder

Small world, Cbeebies Land tuff tray

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Small world, Cbeebies Land tuff tray