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hi mi name is M

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This is my fourth and finale development after my last one where I built it up, I then proceeded to added several single ones that would travel up the length of the arm, once I was happy with the length o then added one more circle at the end so it would be secure

In my third development I then decided I wanted to build it up the arm but not have loads of the same sort of shape. I added four next to the second circle, I then proceeded to and 3 next to the four etc

In my second development I added another one of those circle shapes to my thirst one to give it a more thicker appearance

This is my second design and its first development, I decided I would like this one to fit more like a bracket on the arm instead of piece that travels all around it, so I decided to get my other shapes and get 10 of them that o then turned into a circle shape that would perfectly on someone's wrist

This is my final design idea, I again added a few more shapes, I then decided that I would like some of the shapes protruding from underneath the piece, I proceeded to add 4 more shapes (2 on each side of my design) at the centre

This is my third design, I proceeded to add a couple more shapes to the length of my piece, I then create an object that looks a bit like a flower with about 6 or 7 shapes

This is my second design I did the same thing as my first one but I added 11 more to make it much longer

This is my 1st development of my design. I started of with about 11 of my shapes, glued them together and then wrapped them found an arm to create this design