Interesting Picks ....: DIY Sunbird Feeder....

Well, we don't have humming birds here. so i decided to make a sunbird feeder.

Krishna Radha Mural.... Hand painted with embellishments :)

Saw somethin interesting. Drew the picture - Toughest part ! Gave the borders using a marker First color.

DIY:: Long Stitch - Pink Flamingos :)

DIY:: Long Stitch - Pink Flamingos :)

DIY CD Garden Craft

This is gotta be the simplest craft I ever done :) Grab some used wasted CDs and glue the outside sides :) Well!

DIY TO-DO List... I just take a picture of this every time i go for grocery shopping.. No need to write again.. will not forget anythin either :)

Right, so every time when i go for my grocery shopping, i forget something or the other or I buy things that are already there! Such wasta.

DIY:: Simple hanging Terracotta Dazzling Design :)

I got this simple terracotta hanging pot from a small shop.

Bird Nesting Material Help :)

Bird Nesting Material Help :)

Old Tire Planter....

Wondering what to do with the tires lying around? Well off course the internet has got tons of's just one of the wa.

DIY:: Long stitch - Parakeets :)

the tail of this parakeet gave me quite some hard work.

DIY Keychain Holder.... Every love story is beautiful but our's is our favorite

Well I wanted to make a wedding collage since along time. Finally, close to 2 years after th.

My Warli Painting :D Simple and sweet......

My Warli Painting :D Simple and sweet. to...

I had always wanted to do Warli.

DIY :: Bird Feeder: using Coconut Shells

Once i installed my bird bath, the next step was obviously a bird feeder. My feeder is simple, natural and easy to make.

DIY:: Long stitch - Sparrows :)

DIY:: Long stitch - Sparrows :)