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Chloe Wardrop

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Chloe Wardrop
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maxo //

oh my god i cam eout to my paren ts and they are okay w me being nonbinary. im using a masc version of my given name which i have grown up with, but im telling people now to use they/them pronouns with me.

i'll meet you there //

Is there a surgical mask like this that is fashionable that I can find in stores? Please I want to be a ninja for Halloween (and if you want, maybe add things that I could get for my ninja costumes that are all black?

Gasp, over 90 carats of fancy intense yellow diamonds on this Graff necklace

Topaz Necklace Graff owns some of the world's most famous diamonds including this Tsarina diamond, a fancy intense yellow cushion cut pendant set into a necklace of fancy vivid yellow radiant-cut diamonds. Graff, 710 Madison Avenue, New York.