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a bathtub filled with lots of toys and lights
the elfs are getting ready to eat their treats
an elf holding a sign that says elf on the shelf good bed cards be a helper by picking up 10 things around the house that aren't
20 Free and Easy Elf on the Shelf Printables - Poofy Cheeks
20+ Printables for your Elf on the Shelf this season.
an elf is sitting in the bathroom sink
50 ‘Elf On The Shelf’ Ideas That’ll Make You Laugh Or At Least Admire People’s Creativity
the elf on the shelf sheet with instructions for how to put it in an elf's hat
Pimp Your Elf On The Shelf – Free Printables
a christmas tree decorated with ornaments and an elf's head next to a pencil
a christmas tree with an elf hanging from it's side and a ladder up to the top
Elf Treehouse ideas
the elf is hanging upside down on the kitchen counter next to the bottle and spoon
an elf is sitting on top of a bottle with help written on the bottom and in front of it
Elf On The Shelf - Why We Have 2 Elves and So Should You...
two elfs sitting on top of a counter next to construction tools and a sign
an elf is sitting on top of a counter with toy cars and toothbrushes
Elf Car Wash