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Your business benefits whern you choose OPtion3

Every business needs quality images and with our training you produce them for yourself for free
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Close-up product photography can often cause problems for commercial photographers. This image was created by the trainees at Flexitallic Ltd whilst undertaking a training session with itrain-u.

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Shooting numerous objects can cause problems when controlling the viewers eye. To drive attention to a single part of the image requires some basic training. We can show you how to take images such as this one.

A Lake District based Landrover dealer wanted images his local customers could associated with. This and others met his promotional needs.

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Created by the Marketing Manager of Mid-Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce during a "live" training session.

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The business owner shot this for herself in her own kitchen after a short training period from itrain-u. Her business now looks far more professional and her images match the quality of her food.

Training by itrain-u enabled The Life Style Kitchen to produce great images like this in their own kitchen. Being a Jamie Oliver food ambassador it is essential that the quality and beauty of the dishes is represented in the image,

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