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Habenero Chicken strips with @totalgreekyoghurt & @lucybeecoconut #leanin15 Really tasty low carb snack, perfect for a BBQ with friends or a nice starter at dinner! #teamlean #thebodycoach #foodie #snacks #summer #food

“Try this chicken and prawn egg fried rice with curry powder Tastes unreal and a great post workout refuel meal #Leanin15”

“Are you keen to get lean? If you are try this post workout lean winner! Carrot, spring onion & sweet potato Rosti's with Peri Peri Chicken and rocket…”

“Just made this really easy chicken tikka fried rice. A great post workout refuel meal and tastes deeeeeece Give it a go. You can save half for…”

Try this post workout sweet jacket potato with spicy Harissa Turkey mince It don't look all that but tastes unreal #Leanin15

“Wooooo the Royal Baby it's a girl Why don't you celebrate with these tasty McLean sweet potato and Turkey mince boatengs The sweet…”

The Body Coach: Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon & avocado! Ready in 5 minutes! Breakfast doesn't need to be difficult #leanin15 This is the sort of breakfast someone eats who wants to change their body! If you still eat jam on toast or cereal then you're not serious about losing fat. Fuel your body with what it needs not what you want!

Not sure what to call these? Are they turkey burgers with sweet potato or sweet potato hash browns with Turkey mince? Either way that are a wicked post workout refuel meal and taste banging Give them a go! #leanin15 @lucybeecoconut Oil

Bag of kale in an oven tray, sprinkle with sea salt and 2 teaspoons of Lucy Bee Coconut oil. Smash it in the oven on 180 degrees for 20 minutes! Salty Kale Crisps #TalkToMe #LeanIn15 #TheBodyCoach