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Chicken & chorizo paella

Chicken & chorizo paella I made with 1 cup basmati rice, 1.5 cups low sodium chicken broth and 8oz crushed tomatoes, I also added cayenne and chipotle pepper

Roast chicken with potatoes & carrots

Simple baked lasagne

Jamie Oliver's lasagna - this recipe is SO GOOD OMG. (A friend made it without the beef and anchovies, with extra cinnamon, haven't tried it the other way yet.)

Gorgeous greek chicken with herby vegetable couscous & tzatziki

killer kedgeree, beans, greens & chilli yoghurt

killer kedgeree, beans, greens & chilli yoghurt | Jamie Oliver | Food | Recipes (UK) | jAMIES 15 MINUTE MEALS |

Mountain meatballs

Mountain meatballs | Jamie Oliver | Food | Jamie Oliver (UK). The meatballs are stuffed with cheese then smothered in chilli sauce. Very nice