Chris Mardino

Chris Mardino

A Specialist who brings a practical approach to his Peak Performance training for Entrepreneurs, Salespeople, Celebrities, Athletes and others.
Chris Mardino
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How to Produce B to B Leads  	    Many businesses and sales people are looking for a way to create more b to b leads. The good news is that there are clear things that you can do to drive results in this area. The bad news is that none of these tactics will be a quick fix, but investing time and energy in any of them will likely deliver results over time.

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For marketers, teachers, sales people and anyone else who ever needs to communicate an idea effectively, you need this in your life.

'Made to Stick,' by Chip and Dan Heath is an awesome book uncovering what makes some ideas memorable. Marketers, you need this in your life.

This picture graph shows the amount of sales people spend and do on black friday

Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday Internet Sales, Stats and Conclusions

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Will Smith’s mom Caroline Smith has a lot to proud of – from her super successful son and his wife, to her grandchildren.