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Such an easy knit - gorgeous design, gorgeous yarn. I beaded as suggested, but I think if I did it again I wouldn’t bead in the stocking stitch section since it kinda detracts from the eyelets.


cupani's Pudding Grass

cupani's Peace

I had a crazy idea to knit all the shawls in purple lace this summer. But the cobweb made this one a bit of a marathon and it may be a while before I start another shawl. Who am I kidding?

cupani's Purple Betty

cupani's Fuchsia Jewel

Lovely lace pattern and feather soft yarn. Only downside was the KSH shedding so much: this has never happened before.

cupani's Misty Falls

Since I can’t go to EYF, at least I can knit the shawl. And it’ll serve as my TV knitting for another festival, Cheltenham. Used sssp instead of p3togtbl with this nubby yarn. There&#...

cupani's Fine Festival