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two people are swimming in the ocean with their backs to each other and sunlight shining through the water
an underwater view of plants and water with sunlight shining through the leaves on the bottom
Ambiances lacustres
a woman floating in the air under water with chandelier hanging from it's ceiling
a woman is floating in the water with her arms spread out and feet up above the water
two goldfish in an aquarium looking at each other
Beautiful fish
This story doesn't support blind believe it's only for entertainmentThis is my second story.I hope you'll like itPeople in 70's used to believe in ghosts.It's an 70's storyThere is an adventurous storyThere will be1)Love 2)Scare 3)Horrific 4)Ghosts 5)(many mysteries1 in sakook Read to know moreCover by blazebobby
CASES of 70'sChapter 11
a man swimming in the ocean with his back to the camera and head above water
high enough to see the sea
a woman floating in the water wearing a white dress
Secrets to Make Every Day Special: From Health to Fashion, Mysteries of the Kitchen to Style Tips
a woman standing in front of a wall with lights on it and looking at something
Oleg Sotnik