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a drawing of a woman sitting on the ground
an anime character with sunflowers in the background
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Hanbok #digitalpainting Fantasy Art, Character Design, Illustrators, Design, Instagram, Reference
Sam's Sketchies
Hanbok #digitalpainting
a digital painting of a woman's profile
Sam's Sketchies
kool girl.😎 40/100.
a digital painting of a woman with blonde hair
Illustration by Samuel Youn Manga, Girl Drawing
Illustration by Samuel Youn
a woman in black and white is walking with her hand on her hip while wearing sneakers
Sam's Sketchies: Photo
a drawing of a woman in red sweater and black pants, standing with her hands on her hips
Red Sweater, Ilya Kuvshinov
Ilya Kuvshinov
a black and white photo of a woman with a backpack standing in front of a train station
Eki, Ilya Kuvshinov
Eki, Ilya Kuvshinov on ArtStation at
an anime character with black hair and red bow tie
Sam's Sketchies
Anime Art, Digital Artist, Cute Art, Aesthetic Art, Digital Painting
SamuelYoun on insta
a digital painting of a woman with glasses
Glasses 4 #photoshop #modelstudy #photostudy #dailysketch #latenightsketch #digitalart #digitalpainting #painting #girlsketch #portrait #wacom #yoonyoungbae #mulan_bae #koreanmodel #glasses @mulan_bae 8/100
a painting of a girl holding a teddy bear in front of a pink circle background
Chihiro Art Print by Samuel Youn
a digital painting of a woman's face
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