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Bols Genever bottle that becomes a beautiful glass

Recycled Bols Genever Packaging You can actually convert bottles into glasses? Bols Genever actually used spirits bottles in making glasses and barware using a specialized handmade process.

Stolen from my sis, a guide to seafood for freshness and sustainability!

If you care about making more environmentally-responsible food choices, this seasonal seafood guide can help you identify when certain types of fish are more abundant or "in season" and therefore when it's best to eat them.

Futuristic Coat Turns Rain Into Drinkable Water

Raincatch: A Water Purification Rain Coat - Fashioning Technology. Designed by CIID students Hyeona Yang and Joshua Noble, Raincatch is a rain coat that transforms collected rain water into purified drinking water.

Some practical thoughts towards sustainability. . .

The Carbon-Free Home by the Wrens.if you are going to buy this book that has tons of good advice in low cost improvements to your home that will help you get you to a carbon free home, you should buy it directly from their home site.

pervious concrete for sustainability

Pervious concrete used for pervious pavement and storm water management allows rainwater to seep into the ground, and is instrumental in recharging groundwater and reducing stormwater runoff.