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This activity would be good for the physical development of preschoolers because they will learn motor skills on how to put the pipe cleaners threw the little holes on the strainers. I feel like this is an age appropriate activity because it seems like something they could do without being bored easily.

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Peg finger gym. Lots of our nursery children need to work those pincer muscles! Lots of maths in this activity too!

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Improving pencil grasp with Fine Motor Play

Creative ways to build and work on a functional pencil grasp. Really cool activities you can do as part of your daily classroom routine. Read more at:

Fishing with tongs, great fine motor activity - do it in the bath.. Use plastic fish, letters , numbers etc

More Finger Frenzy Fun... how many wheetos can you put on the (kebab) stick before the timer runs out ... throw the dice as quick as you can! LH