Bobby Doherty

Fine art by BOBBY DOHERTY- photography- "Crushed Cans"- no dimensions given. Glorious, acid-bright, still lives. I love the hard light and the contrast between the cans and the 'pastelly' background.

Pop Culture

Pop Culture

When I think back to the and Pop Art, Coke is alwyas what comes to my mind first. Love this rendition!

Campbell's Releases Soup Cans Featuring Andy Warhol's Pop Art - I want to buy these soups just so I can reuse the cans!

Campbell's Releases Soup Cans Featuring Andy Warhol's Pop Art

limited edition Andy Warhol Campbell soup cans - To celebrate the anniversary of Andy Warhol's 1962 famed work, Campbell Soup Company is introducing limited-edition cans of tomato soup

Claes Oldenburg. Apple Core 1990 I like this piece of art work because it is very realistic and looks like a real apple that hes been left outside to rot. It has been made by a solid frame which couls be made of metal, wood, card or anything hard enough to keep its shape. That has then been covered with paper-mache and painted to make it look more realistic.

student work grade has been busy learning about scale and proportion by studying Claes Oldenburg and his larger than life food sculp.

Irving Penn Cracked Egg, New York 1958 chromogenic print Copyright © by the The Irving Penn Foundation

Cracked Egg, New York / Irving Penn / 1958 / chromogenic print Could make this a sculpture.maybe use hot glue for the clear stuff?

Warhol Soup Cans (Art Projects for Kids)

Art Projects for Kids: Warhol Soup Cans- print and color 4 cans. name soup. put on toilet paper rolls and glue to paper to make Warhol