Chris Van Schaijik

Chris Van Schaijik

Chris Van Schaijik
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This is more like it, but I want more versatility.

A simple sunken circular water feature with brick edging. In such an intimate setting you can get away with surrounding this with grass rather than more paving. - My Wonder Garden

Heucheras, could be nice in our shade

Alternative Gardening: Heucheras for shady spots. Heuchera, commonly known as coral bells, can add a burst of color in your Colorado garden where you need a low growing plant in a variety of sun conditions.

bulb planting for small spaces

I never thought to plant bulbs over the top of other bulbs, going to try this for my spring planted bulbs. 'For sequential waves of flowers, plant a "bulb sandwich" layering crocus, tulip and daffodil bulbs in the same hole'

4in buckets - cheap!

Galvanised Pail With Handle

I'd like a wooden gate, 5-6ft, that was placed to act as a fence/divider.

I'd like a wooden gate, that was placed to act as a fence/divider.

Flowering herbs.

Top 10 Flowering Garden Herbs: Organic Gardening's top 10 picks for adding herbal color to the garden.

Edible borders, complete with planting guide. Includes eggplant and chillies.

Great garden borders: Edible garden path Line a garden path with herbs and vegetables for fragrance, color, and a delicious harvest all summer. To unify your design, pick a color scheme. We chose chartreuse and purple for this garden plan.