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Lukas Machnik | Bucktown Modern

Modern Row House by Lukas Machnik Interior Design. Double-storey artwork always makes a sensational statement if there is the space.

Garlic chive and egg omelette on rice

Japanese food / rice bowl topping with tuna and egg ツナにら玉とじ丼

Charissa Du Plessis by Kristian Schuller for French Revue De Modes #22, Spring/Summer 2013

Charissa Du Plessis by Kristian Schuller for French Revue De Modes Spring/Summer 2013 -- Portrait - Fashion - Editorial - Glam - Light - Hat - Photography - Pose

Finalist: Marianne Calvelo, University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning -

Bustler: Winners of the NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Awards propose cheeky, fresh ideas for Auckland. Wish I did this during school days!