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Claudia Jussan
DIY Sliding Barn Door - separate laundry room from main area or office

Sliding Barn Door: Install It | The Accent Piece

Detailed instructions on how to build and install a sliding barn door

Mix media Design
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DIFFA PbD 2012 | Poster

Project: DIFFA's Picnic by Design 2012 Type: New York City Fundraising EventServices: Branding, Creative DirectionCollaborators: Input Creative Studio + Corse Design Factory In collaboration with Corse Design Factory we designed the branding/strategy…

love this piece

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love this piece

Transformed laminate bedside tables into antique-style map drawers | The Painted Hive

Re-Love Project…before & after

This was such a rewarding project. If you're not new here, you're probably aware of my involvement in the Re-Love Project and what it's all about. For those of you who don't know, in short it's a

Miniature Library Scene Shadowbox <3

Miniature Library miniature thematic nautical | Etsy

unique copy these libraries in miniature, are produced using old drawers of typography "Bodoni" that served to contain the characters that would later compound the array of printing. After having restored the tray is passed to the realization of a specific theme of the project by entering into special almost all made ​​by hand. For example, in this case we have included, small boats, nautical instruments. , A picture with the most famous sailor knots, and much more size cm 55 x 46…

Miniature Oriental-themed collection - traditional herbal medicines (image only) Source: Dollhouse Ara

Traditional oriental Herbal Medicine Shop- handmade Dollhouse Miniatures

* Asian natural remedies, old things, antiques. * Size ; 20.8 (W)×14(L) ×25.7(H) cm / 8.3(W)×5.5(L) ×10(H) inch This is unique, it is hard to meet elsewhere. * Lights up ; Uses 2 AA batteries * Battery lighting; Do not turn on the lights for a long time. The battery run down quickly. (Battery life is only a few hours) If you want to turn on the lights long, You must change battery to Adapter. * This is shipped by EMS (Post Office Express Shipping). EMS needs your phone number, so please…

beautiful envelopes, great calligraphy exampes. The collections of stamps make them tiny works of art.

vintage postage | the paper nickel stamp co. - Something Turquoise

I am in love with the new trend of using vintage postage. I am also in love with mail, I love sending it and getting it – since we almost don’t get anything ...

DIY Card Catalog Cabinet Tutorial | Build your own card catalog! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! Now I need to find someone to build it for me!

DIY Card Catalog Cabinet Tutorial — Decor and the Dog

Last week we shared with you our newest furniture love . Today you can learn how to build your own card catalog cabinet . I came up with the idea and REALLY wanted to build it myself. Turns out it isn't a great beginner build. It's more in the

gator foam

Circling the Slots

This stage design from Rusty Burchard at Ridge Church in Charlotte, North Carolina reminds me of toys I had as a kid.



Photographic Life With Love .vol.2

portable flats that we can store with fences. Up lighting, flanking either side of the screen. Whatever colors.

Circles of Love

Glendale Matias from Oasis Church in Los Angeles, California brings us these various paper-inspired women’s event elements.