black gold project repurposes mega oil-tankers for land-based uses

The Black Gold project explores a new sustainable potential of a discarded mega oil tanker ship. The mega oil tanker ship can be seen as the

nozomi nakabayashi hut on stilts

Tiny Hut on Stilts - Nozomi Nakabayashi - Dorset England - Exterior Back - Humble Homes

brutalist paper models

BRUTAL LONDONA collection of paper cut-out models representing brutalist architecture of London from The series features various buildings scattered around the districts of Camden, Southwark and Tower Hamlet. The `raw concrete` London tour …

Studio Octopi

Designed by studio octopi in London,United Kingdom with date Images by Studio Octopi / Picture Plane. A proposal to create a floating swimming pool in the Thames river will step up a gear tomorrow, as Studio Octopi will.