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Most definitely one of the greatest photos ever taken.

Funny pictures about Jack Nicholson And Heath Ledger As The Jokers. Oh, and cool pics about Jack Nicholson And Heath Ledger As The Jokers. Also, Jack Nicholson And Heath Ledger As The Jokers photos.

I like how this image is made to look as though it is painted. I also like how all of the mans features are almost sharp show that he is a dangerous and serious character, maybe someone to be feared. The knife running down above his face also shows the the man is a bit psychotic. He is standing in sort of a night time scene and there is blood running down the knife and also the background in the knife is also blood coloured.

Contrast: koud-warm-contrast Beschrijving: film poster warme rode kleuren op de voorgrond koude grijze kleuren op de achtergrond Johannes Itten: Contrast of warm and cool, the contrast is formed by the juxtaposition of hues considered 'warm' or 'cool.

Anaglypta Dado Panel Wallpaper - Baroque RD6671

A blown vinyl wallpaper with a floral panelled design to disguise plastering imperfections. Suitable for finding plastering imperfections.

White Blown Vinyl Wallpaper by A.S. Creation 2616-18

Blown Vinyl Wallpaper - Embossed White -Anaglypta Paintable A/S Creation

Eternal Grey Wallpaper by Graham and Brown

Graham & Brown Eternal Wallpaper - The Graham & Brown Eternal Wallpaper brings the magic of nature to your walls with a stunning forest print of tall, leafy trees in contrasting colors.