Claire Gillard

Claire Gillard

Claire Gillard
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Dijon chicken with mushrooms

Dijon chicken with mushrooms recipe.This mustard chicken dish is great for an easy dinner party, serve with rice or simply a green salad

My Slimming World Adventure: Homemade Dips: Garlic & Herb, Houmous and Tomato & Basil Mayo

After making the BRILLIANT discovery that average breadsticks are just 1 syn each , I was overjoyed and decided to make some syn free/low sy.

I love Scotch eggs and thought I'd test out Slimming World Scotch eggs. They were delicious! Find out how to make them here. (Includes a video.)

This week's Slimming World recipe is the good old Scotch Egg, and even better, it's completely syn-free! Includes a video to guide you.